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What are the latest Digital Marketing Project topics for MBA project?

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What are the latest Digital Marketing Project topics for MBA project?

  • Nov 17, 2023

Digital marketing is probably the most trending topic right now. With plethora of utilization in different industry verticals digital marketing opens numerous opportunities for those having theoretical and practical knowledge of digital marketing.

Practical knowledge of digital marketing does not come just like that by reading a few books. One needs to execute and practice what they have learned to stand out from other digital marketers.

The benefit of gathering practical knowledge helps any individual apply for a good job in digital marketing alongside improving their skill. When someone practices projects of digital marketing it brings them a competitive edge over others who only have achieved a completion certificate.

That is why many MBA in marketing students choose digital marketing to pursue during their MBA marketing project. And to help them choose the right project topic we have created a list of digital marketing project ideas.

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Here are some of the most rending project ideas on digital marketing for students and beginners.

 How To Start An Omnichannel Marketing Camping To Drive Traffic And Generate Leads After Building A Website

After being surely convinced about the idea of being digitally present with a website the next thing every business must do is look for ideas to drive traffic to their website and generate leads. Since digital marketing is the most competitive way to increase a website’s exposure, reach and credibility amidst cutthroat competition of any industry, this project will help you navigate and execute omnichannel marketing strategies. This will also help you plan and find out productive methods for your clientele from different industry verticals.

 What Will You Learn?

·       The master aspects of search engine optimization

·       How to adopt the most valuable web development skills

·       Generating excellent and relevant content that drive traffic.

·       Engaging with your followers and how to convert them into customers.

·       Developing successful marketing campaigns to nurture leads through the sales funnel.

·       Measure and track the key metrics using Google Analytics and other tools.

 How To Get Started?

·       The first step of starting with this project is to identify your target market. Remember that without determining your ideal target market you will not be able to learn about their needs, pain points and preferences. The successful understanding of your target market will help your marketing strategy and content production to be way better then you expect.

·       Since this topic is based on a website, you must make a professional and user-friendly website to highlight the products and services that you are selling. Make sure that your website is mobile friendly and optimized for search engines. You can always opt for easy to build platforms like WordPress for your website.

·       The next step of this project is to create a strong content strategy to interest your target audience by addressing their problems and offering them solutions. Your content can be of any form including blogs, articles, videos, social media posts and infographics.

·       Now is the time to ensure that the visibility of your website is up to the mark and therefore you need to turn to search engine optimization techniques. You need to improve the visibility of your website by optimizing your content with relevant keywords, backlinks, and meta tags.

·       Though there are many more things to do, the last thing of the list is to create a social media presence to reach to your relevant audience. Remember that most people you are targeting in the current scenario are present on different social media platforms. Therefore, you must cover all the social media platforms available and share useful things with them. You can also create an online community to influence your target market.

 How Do You Grow Your Personal Brand On LinkedIn And Get More Followers And Engagement

Though many people know about the power of LinkedIn in the current scenario to grow personal brands, but very few of them really use the potential of LinkedIn. If you are devoting your time and effort to expand your LinkedIn profile, you can boost your reputation and strengthen your professional network in no time while opening doors for new prospects.

 What Will You Learn?

·       LinkedIn is probably the most underrated social media platform being used right businesses and individuals. And by completing this project you will get to know about the power of LinkedIn. You can:

·       Discover and promote your USP's, expertise and talent.

·       Make yourself more desirable in front of your audience.

·       Engage with your target audience and create relationships with them professionally on LinkedIn.

 How To Get Started?

·       To start this project the first thing that you need is a LinkedIn profile. So, without further ado create a professional profile and display your expertise, talents, and achievements. Add a clear and professional picture and don't forget to right engaging content for your title and skills.

·       The next step is to establish your brand's identity. You always need to find out what can distinguish you from others in the industry you want to create a distinct brand identity. To do so you need to find out your specialty and the significant abilities that can add value to your target audience’s life.

·       The next thing you need to do is create a strong content strategy. While content planning make sure that you are consistent, and your content displays your brand's identity while being appealing to your target audience. Nobody wants to read or see boring content. Therefore, you must decide what information you can provide which will be relevant to your industry and still will interest your audience. For some ideas you can prefer industry insights, success stories and suggestions.

·       Once your content strategy is well established you can start sharing useful and engaging information on your LinkedIn feed regularly to keep your audience engaged with you. Remember that you must not post multiple times in a day since it can annoy your audience and they start lacking interest on your brand instead of getting attracted. Aim for quality content that is a combination of original and curated material.

·       Only posting on your LinkedIn feed is not enough. You need to interact with your target audience to build some organic relationships. You can comment, like, and share other people's posts to interact with them and your target audience. This way you can develop connections and increase your exposure inside your network Alongside with your target market.

 How To Plan A Marketing Strategy After Performing Audience Research

Undoubtedly there is nothing wrong when you follow some of the most successful brands from the same industry you are in. But remember everything that is working for others is not necessarily will be helpful for your brand. Therefore, you need to do some real hard work to create strategies that connect strongly with your audience and help you learn more about their demands to match the demands. This project is all about raising the chances of getting high quality customers interested in your services since it includes performing audience research.

 What Will You Learn?

·       You can learn thoroughly about your target audience.

·       Understand data and can make databased choices to improve your marketing efforts.

·       Study the loopholes in the competitive environment and create opportunities for yourself and your brand.

 How To Get Started?

·       There are many ways that will help you to perform your research successfully. You can use surveys, interviews, and internet-based tools to do in-depth research about your target audience. Don't forget to collect data on your audience 's interests, pain points, preferences and demographics and construct your audience profiles.

·       Though you are doing all the research for yourself, you must not forget to examine your competitors. And to do so you also need to take the freelancers in consideration alongside the companies in your field to uncover the loopholes and the possibilities. You can understand their techniques and find out ways to set yourself apart.

·       You need to create a unique selling proposition for yourself that is convincing enough based on your research. You must emphasize what differentiates you from your competitors and why your target audience should select your products and services.

·       You need to sketch out the best marketing channels and methods to reach to your target audience. You must concentrate on platforms and techniques that aligns with the target audience’s taste and behavior.

 Case Study About A Failed Startup And Know What Went Wrong

While most people prefer studying about businesses that are successful, a failed business can help you learn many things if you really wish to. This project will help you with the detailed and data-driven case study that emphasize on the important elements that contributed towards a business’s failure. You can gather practical information to improve your business strategy by avoiding standard mistakes.

What Will You Learn?

·       Understand the issues faced by the founders and employees of the business.

·       Addressing the gaps in understanding the consumer needs and demands, market trends and other competitive analysis.

·       Discover the importance of aligning your business model with the market and make it open for changes.


How To Get Started?

·       First thing first, you need to choose a startup as per your interest. Also make sure that the failed business you are choosing has sufficient data accessible and available for a thorough case study.

·       The next thing you do is gather all the information in form of data, articles, and reports from the beginning of the startup until the end. Always use credible sources to collect information.

·       Now go deep into determining and assessing the important elements that led to the failure. You can include market research, operational concerns, competitive analysis, and financial data.

·       You also must compare the case study with other successful businesses in the same industry vertical. It will help you recognize the distinction between the process and the tactics.

·       No synthesize the collected data to understand what went wrong. It will help you enhance your strategies.


There are many project topics that you can choose under digital marketing while pursuing your MBA. But these few projects are capable to enhance your essential digital marketing skills. If you need personalized help in completion of any of these projects, get help from industry experts. Our team consists of people who are helping students from different MBA colleges in completing their projects by giving them valuable insights and knowledge. 




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