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Best Topics For MBA Marketing Projects

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Best Topics For MBA Marketing Projects

  • Nov 11, 2023

An MBA is a strong ladder to success that takes you closer to your dream career. And each step of the ladder has several projects to enhance your overall learning experience. Better yet, if you are pursuing an MBA in Marketing, you might need to do more projects than any other specifications of an MBA.

However, choosing the best topics for MBA Marketing projects is as crucial as completing them hence while going through the task you need to be a little more vigilant since everyone tries to find the best and unique ones.

If you are in that dilemma of what project topic you must consider that will be equally popular and insightful, we are here to help you.

In this blog, we will tell you about some of the best topics for MBA Marketing projects that you can select during your MBA Marketing program. 


2023 is almost coming to an end. But that does not change a thing in the marketing efforts of companies across industries. Therefore, even if you are going to complete your MBA in marketing in 2024, you can still choose the topics we are going to suggest. And if you have just begun your journey in MBA marketing, these project topics are going to add value to your learning. 

So, without further ado let's dive in and know more about them. 

1.    Use Of Artificial Intelligence In Marketing 

Needless to say, artificial intelligence is taking the world to storm. And taken from our daily lives to crucial marketing decisions, we are encountering artificial intelligence almost in every facet of our lives.

Therefore, if you are looking for a trending topic for your MBA marketing project, what can be better than the use of artificial intelligence in marketing?

No one can deny that artificial intelligence has made things easier for business owners and employees and it has revolutionized how tasks are done. As a student of MBA marketing, you can see the impact of artificial intelligence on marketing.

This topic is highly promising and it helps you with so many opportunities to study the advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence and how it is changing different types of marketing.


2.    How To Create An Effective Online Customer Acquisition Strategy For Furniture And Appliance Rental Startups

Though it is and niche-specific topic the project will be a lot more fun than it sounds. Nowadays millennials who are working worldwide and staying apart from their families prefer to rent appliances and furniture pieces instead of buying them. The convenience of getting all the necessary things without spending a fortune has helped the industry boom exponentially in the last few decades. Alongside the increasing demand for rental furniture and appliances, the increasing competition in the industry it's something that requires a strong mention.

This topic will help you ideate clever strategies to attract more customers for renting furniture and appliances from online platforms. And when it is a startup business, where budget is limited you have to come up with strategies that bring maximum ROI.

During this project, you have to study many case studies to come up with proven strategies to sell the products and you have to make use of digital advertising especially social media to acquire the target audience.

 3.    The Impact Of Customer Service On Customers In The Telecom Industry

The telecom sector has changed drastically in the last few years. Nowadays due to the optimum use of technology and the evolving upgradation of the same every company in the industry is providing better customer service to their clients.

This topic will help you understand the change and revolution of customer service in the telecom industry in the last few decades along with how it impacted the customers. You can also do a data back study on certain analytics and metrics that will guide you to understand the changes and create strategies that can impact customer loyalty.

 4.    The Impact Of Google On E-commerce Business

Whenever we need to buy something or are in search of something, the first thing we do is search on Google. It has become a common customer nature to Google everything first before visiting any individual shopping site. That is because alongside suggesting the best stores Google also helps us know more about the product we are going to buy.

Needless to say, in the last few decades, Google has drastically changed the way people buy things from the Internet. In this project, you can study the impact of Google's algorithm on how potential buyers discover e-commerce websites and they're buying behaviors.

In addition, you can also the most important strategies that successful e-commerce businesses are adopting to increase their online presence.

 5.    A Study On The Evolution Of The Automobile Industry In India

The automobile industry in India has come a long way. From vehicles becoming a luxury for Indian households to transforming into an absolute necessity, the automobile industry in India at the current time is worth studying.

If you are interested in starting your career in the automobile industry after completing your degree in MBA in marketing, this topic is a perfect fit for you. However, regardless of the industry you are interested in pursuing as a career, this topic is an important one for students pursuing an MBA in marketing.

This project will help you learn how the automobile industry in India is transforming constantly. From being a protected sector to a less regulated one right now what has developed more competition in the industry is another thing that you will get to know about.

Moreover, since many foreign companies are taking an interest in the Indian market and bringing a big change, you will also get to study the preferences of the customers between national and international brands.

 6.    A Case Study On The Impact Of Word Of Mouth Marketing That Led To Success For Maruti Suzuki

The entire marketing game has changed in the last few years. Ever since the storm of online marketing started, many old-school marketing strategies have been underrated and left behind. In the modern era, businesses are more inclined to online marketing than offline marketing. And somewhere now the importance of word-of-mouth marketing as a strong marketing tool is diminished.

Word-of-mouth advertising is different from other conventional marketing platforms like radio, television, and print media. It works on the principle of spreading positive feedback about a product or service by people who have used it and are highly satisfied. The form of feedback can be reviews, recommendations, or referrals.

This project will help you know about the word-of-mouth marketing strategies Maruti Suzuki used and how it impacted their customer satisfaction, company growth, and success.

 7.    The Effectiveness Of Loyalty Programs Offered By Retail Brands In India

Loyalty programs are very common since different businesses across industries are using them. A customer loyalty program means attracting customers to buy your goods and services repeatedly. Though the hospitality industry, might sound way too common, the retail industry in India is also implementing loyalty programs.

This project will help you study different retail brands in India and how they are implementing loyalty programs to retain customers, increase customer engagement, and boost repeat purchases. You will also get to know whether or not loyalty programs are successful in the retail industry in India.

 8.    Factors That Influence Brand Loyalty

This is a relevant project topic for MBA students specializing in marketing. Brand loyalty is the preference of customers towards a particular product or brand or service even when there are so many other alternatives available in the market. Companies across different industries have gained brand loyalty through various ways including by offering the best quality goods and services, customer service, pricing etcetera. All of these influence the behavior of the buyer and create a sense of loyalty towards the brand.

This project topic will help you learn about the important factors that can impact brand loyalty and how those factors differentiate from one another. You can also learn about the patterns are trends that helped popular brands to improve Brand loyalty.

 9.    Branding Strategies For New-Age Direct-To-Customer Milk Startups

Gone are the days when people used to visit the milkman's house to buy milk. Due to a lack of time and an increased sense of convenience, even people from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities depend on milk startups that offer the best quality milk whenever the customers want.

Well, with time there are numerous brands are offering the same service and more or less the same quality product. And that is increasing the competition, especially for the startups who are selling to the customers directly.

Branding can make or break a startup in such a cutthroat competition and this project is all about finding the right activities in marketing that can position a new milk startup in the minds of customers across various target markets.

10.Research On Advertising Creativity

Advertising itself is a creative subject. But in a scenario where every brand is trying to improve its advertising strategy, breaking the ceiling of maximum creativity is necessary. In such a scenario this project is a wonderful learning opportunity for you since it will help you study the most proven and tested advertising strategies and will also tickle your creative mind to come up with better strategies.


All the above-mentioned topics will enhance your overall learning experience. If you need more help in the completion of your project you can be guided by our team. We are serving multiple universities across India and helping many students with their MBA projects throughout the course. With that being said if you are interested in learning more about us, contact us today.


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