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NMIMS 1st Semester Assignment

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The NMIMS 1st Semester Assignment includes several key features:

  1. Format: Specific guidelines are provided for the format, including font style, size, margins, and line spacing.

  2. Word Limit: Each assignment has a specified word limit that must be adhered to.

  3. Plagiarism: Strict guidelines against plagiarism are in place. Proper citation of sources is mandatory.

  4. Referencing Style: The university specifies certain referencing styles (like APA, MLA, Chicago) to be followed.

  5. Submission Process: Involves logging into the Learning Management System (LMS), selecting the correct assignment, ensuring the assignment meets format and word limit requirements, is plagiarism-free, properly referenced, and then submitting it.

  6. Deadlines: Meeting submission deadlines is crucial as late submission can lead to mark deduction or disqualification


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